About Us

We believe the Greater Cleveland area is a great place to live and work.  But if you read the national and local headlines you would get quite the opposite impression.    Large media outlets know that negative news and stories sell.  They like to print controversy, they like to tell you the sky is falling, because people click on those sorts of headlines.   And that’s ok, that’s how their business works.   But we don’t have a payroll.   We don’t have to make much money to keep this site up.   So our mission is to provide you with an outlet for the good things going on in Cleveland, and there is much more of it then you think.

We know there are problems in the city, and we know there is plenty of bad news going on too.  But you can get that sort of news anywhere.   At the Cleveland News Blog, our mission is to provide you with positively slanted view of Cleveland news.   We want to be the sort of site people come to that want to read and the good things going on in their town.