Downtown Building Boom

The Downtown Cleveland building boom continues to roar.

The Plain Dealer is reporting that local developer Stark Enterprises has acquired the parking lots across from the “Q”, with plans for a huge multi-use development.

The parking lot is best known to people as a cut through from East 4th to the arena or ballpark.

It won’t be a cut through much longer.

The new development is dubbed ‘nuCLEus’. It will be a very large development featuring 500 apartments, a large parking garage and plenty of office and retail space.

Construction could begin as soon as 2015. Its unlikely the project will be fully completed by the Republican National Convention in the summer of 2016, but that’s not altogether a bad thing. The networks will undoubtedly set up shots of the “Q” where the convention will be held. If construction cranes and scaffolding form the backdrop for those shots, that’s not a bad thing. All the better that the nation see Cleveland as a growing, thriving city.

There is also the potential of additional large scale construction nearby. A leaked video shows plans for a 20 story office building just a block away. Two large construction projects in that area would make a great impression on the millions of visitors that enter through the gateway district each year.