Hyland Software Plans New Building, More Jobs

Hyland Software, headquartered in Westlake, Ohio has plans to continue adding jobs and a third building to its corporate campus. Hyland is perhaps the most important company in Cleveland that many haven’t heard about. Founded locally, the tech company has swelled to over 1,400 employees fueled by the popularity of OnBase, their document management software that increases the efficiency of businesses and organziations.

The growth of Hyland, and other companies like it, is crucial to health of the local economy. Not only is Hyland adding good, high-paying, white-collar jobs – 300 so far in 2012 – but unlike the health care industry, the vast majority of their revenue comes from outside the area. For a metropolitan area to grow and thrive, it must export its goods and services throughout the world. Manufacturing allowed Cleveland to grow last century, companies like Hyland Software will help it grow in this century.

Corporate Campus Expansion

One reason many people in Cleveland are unaware of Hyland is that their buildings have a low profile. They are not headquartered downtown or in a busy commercial area but rather are tucked back in a wooded area north of I-90 in Westlake. Its there they have plans to add a 3rd, large, 112,000 sqft, 3-story building. The expansion plans are evidence they expect to continue to hire locally by the hundreds. The new building should be large enough to hold an additional 700 employees. That is more then the 387 new jobs needed to satisfy the requirements of the State of Ohio tax credit Hyland was awarded. The tax credit is a rebate of 50% of Hyland Software’s state tax owed over the next 5 years. To keep that tax credit, they must increase hiring by 387 and add $13.5 million in payroll for the next 8 years. While some may criticize the tax credit as unnecessary, Hyland is the type of highly desirable company other states will aggressively recruit and it is clear the Ohio Tax Credit Authority did not want to give them any reason to seriously consider relocation. Construction on the new building could be complete by as early as mid-2013.

Hyland Software is known for its fun work environment and catering to its employees needs. Their Westlake campus features amenities like a daycare, Montessori-based education for pre-k and kindergarten, a barber shop, restaurant, manicurist and even an onsite fitness center. It is consistently highly ranked in lists of the best places to work in the Cleveland area. They hire from a broad range of skills and backgrounds, and a degree in computer science is not required. They hire both highly skilled workers as well as new grads and interns.

Their corporate campus is located on Clemens road, north of the Crocker-Basset exit on I-90. Hyland Software’s address is 28500 Clemens Rd, in Westlake Ohio.