The British Are Coming – And They’re Bringing Jobs

Alexander Mann, a global recruiting and personnel services company has named Cleveland as home to its new American office. The decision is expected to bring 300 hundred jobs to downtown, many hired locally, within 3 years.

The London based firm provides comprehensive recruiting services for large companies and organizations. Demand for their services is expected to grow as the economy recovers. During the downturn, many firms reduced their recruitment staffs in order to save money. As the business cycle recovers, those same firms will turn to personnel service companies like Alexander Mann to hire the workers they need.

Cleveland beat out Raleigh N.C. and a city in Michigan for Alexander Mann. Factors under consideration largely involved the cost of doing business, crucial for any business services company. Cleveland was competitive on the cost of living here, our talented – and relatively cheap – workforce, plenty of available office space and tax breaks.

The Ohio Tax Credit Authority threw in a 65%, 8 year tax credit based on job creation. Even Gov. Kasich was involved with a phone call to the company’s CEO to work out the deal.

While 300 white collar jobs are always welcome, this one announcement by itself doesn’t create an economic renaissance by itself. But it is a sign of things to come. Last year AmTrust Financial announced plans to bring 1,000 jobs to downtown, for many of the same reasons. Cleveland is a cost effective place to do business, with a wonderful quality of life and a strong community spirit. That community spirit, the drive to get Cleveland growing and thriving again, made a large impact on Alexander Mann executives as the toured the city.