Comedian Jim Norton To Film Cable Special In Cleveland

Jim Norton is finally back. He returns April 28th to tape his upcoming cable special in the Ohio Theatre at Playhouse Square. Aside from his love of Cleveland women, the popular comedian chose to film his special in the Cleve due to his large, loyal following here. His two shows sold out within 48 hours with little more then a few tweets. You can follow him @JimNorton.

Norton is a regular on the Tonight Show and a mainstay on the Opie and Anthony Radio show. His book, Happy Endings: The Tales of a Meaty-Breasted Zilch was a New York Time’s Bestseller. Norton’s style is somewhat raunchy and his language can be a bit salty. But his appeal lies in his quick wit, solid insights and mocking of hack humor. In other words he wears a lot of comedic hats. I guess his head is really cold or something. Tss, tss.

Jim Norton can be heard almost everyday on XM Sirius radio as part of the Opie and Anthony show. Cleveland has always been a strong market for O&A, a fact that has not gone unappreciated. This week Opie announced plans for a live show here in Cleveland, on Friday April 27th, the day before Norton’s special is filmed. Awesome.


The Opie And Anthony show will be broadcast live at Cleveland Hard Rock on Friday April 27th. The broadcast takes place between 4-7pm, not during the show’s regular hours. The public is welcome, but space is limited.