Horseshoe Adding 750 New Cleveland Casino Jobs

horseshoe-cleveland-casino-jobsThe Horseshoe has entered its second round of hiring, announcing 750 new Cleveland casino jobs. The first round, back in September focused on hiring dealers. This round is for support and general staff. The jobs posted on their website are wide ranging. They’re hiring everyone from coat attendants to IT engineers.

When the casino opens in March of 2012, it will have 2 bars and a 400 seat buffet-style restaurant. They are currently looking to fill positions for these facilities. Bartenders, bar porters, servers and sous chefs are some of the many job openings currently available.

The Horseshoe is also filling accounting and security jobs. They are looking for security guards as well as surveillance technicians. There are full time accounting clerk jobs posted, as well as an opening for the director of finance.

When the casino was hiring dealers, they were looking for happy, energetic, fun people. After all, the success of a casino lies in the enjoyment of its patrons. So this time around, its a good bet they will be looking for people with solid customer service skills, especially for any positions that deal directly with the guests.

This is more great news for the local economy. The Cleveland area is doing much better then most Clevelanders realize. Incredibly, we have the 10th lowest unemployment rate in the country, and the lowest of all major Ohio cities. These new positions will help send the unemployment rate even lower.

For the complete list of current Cleveland casino jobs, click here.