Snow Days Progressive Field Returns in 2011

snow-days-progressive-fieldThe Cleveland Indians are bringing back their innovative Snow Days at Progressive Field in downtown Cleveland. The ballpark is transformed into a winter playground, with activities for kids, adults and plenty of warming areas for those a bit wary of the cold.

A main attraction will the the Batterhorn, a large tubing hill that stretches from the bleachers to second base. The Indians have removed the time-slot restrictions this year, making this attraction unlimited in its use. The Frozen Mile will also return, a long, winding ice track for skating, as well as the Rookie Rink.

This year there will be more warming areas, and concessions will still be available. One pleasant aspect of last year’s Snow Days: you could buy a beer (or hot chocolate) and enjoying it sitting in the heated Indians dugout. An experience that will hopefully return this year.

“Snopening Day” is November 25th, with the stadium open to the public every weekend until January 16th. It will be open during the week from December 16th – January 2nd. All events will be open, in spite of warm weather, due to artificial cooling equipment.

The Cleveland Indians are also adding outdoor hockey to this year’s list of events. In addition to a youth hockey tournament, St.Ignatius will play St.Ed’s on Jan 5th, to be followed by Ohio State vs Michigan on Jan 15th. Let’s hope outdoor hockey in Cleveland becomes an annual event.

There just aren’t enough winter things to do in Cleveland, and Snow Days fills a void. The event drew just 50,000 people last winter, in its first year. People will likely respond better this year, especially with the hockey games drawing additional interest. However, part of the issue is that there isn’t always snow on the ground in December, and there are no shortage of holiday events to compete with. Maybe with higher attendance, the events will be extended through January in the future.

General Admission is just $5, but does not include any skating or tubing. Its not a bad option to let your kids take advantage of the play areas, or to meet up with a few buddies for beers in a unique setting. Prices for skating and tubing are more expensive, with a combo ticked costing $25-$31 per person.

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