Cleveland Unemployment Rate Continues To Fall

*** This article is from 2011, for more recent news on the unemployment rate, go here ***

The economy in Cleveland is making a steady comeback. The unemployment rate for the greater metropolitan area in September 2011 fell to 7.6%, down from 8% in August. This compares with the rate of 9.1% for both the state of Ohio and the nation as a whole.

While a common misperception may be that Cleveland ranks among the worst cities in the U.S. to find a job, the reality is quite different. If you rank the top 50 metro areas with over 1 million people by unemployment rate, Cleveland is tied with Columbus at No. 12. There are only 11 large metro areas in the U.S. with lower unemployment rates then the Cleve. And those numbers don’t count the hiring binge the Horseshoe casino recently went on.

The Cleveland economy is much stronger and diverse then it used to be. We are no longer an economic laggard. The Cleveland unemployment rate of 7.6% compares favorably to cities like Detroit (11.7%), Las Vegas (13.6%), Los Angeles (11.3%) and Charlotte (10.7%).

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