Great Lakes Christmas Ale Release Date Set

A lot of current google traffic is finding this page, however this article is from 2011. Go here for the updated, 2012 Christmas Ale release date


Can you feel the excitement, the sense of wonder in the air? That’s because the world famous Great Lakes Christmas Ale is brewing away in Ohio City.  All of Cleveland is a twitter. Don’t worry the wait won’t be long now…  the official Christmas Ale release date has been set for October 25th at 4pm. The brew will be available only on tap that Tuesday in the brewpub.

Six packs will go on sale at the Great Lakes gift shop the following Monday, October 31st (you can also fill up your growlers then too). Shipments to your local grocery store or beer shop will begin shortly thereafter, making Cleveland’s favorite beer widely available the first week of November. So if you want to make your Halloween party extra fun, head down to the brewery and pick up several 6 packs, because they might not be at your store on time.

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