500 More Cleveland Casino Jobs

*** Update – 750 New Cleveland Casino Jobs Announced ****

cleveland-casino-jobsThe new Horseshoe Casino on Public Square is currently accepting applications to hire the first 500 of nearly 1600 total casino jobs. They will be hiring dealers as well as management positions. The management positions will be among the first to be filled.

Adding 1600 jobs to the heart of downtown will be a major boost the the local economy. The money from the casino jobs will likely spill over into other areas, leading to even more employment. These Cleveland casino jobs aren’t just entry level service positions either, they come with full health, vision and dental benefits and a decent salary. Dealers can make $17-$22 an hour, with supervisors starting at $40,000 a year. If you think you might be interested in making a career out of working in a casino, this book is a good guide. Its much cheaper used then new.

For more information on the Cleveland casino jobs, the Horseshoe has a detailed FAQ on their website. No experience is necessary and they do want to hire local people. The deadline to apply is noon on September 30th, but employment will not begin until 2012, a few weeks before the Cleveland casino opens in March.

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