Cleveland Area Unemployment Rate Falls

The July unemployment rate for the greater Cleveland area fell to 8.2%. While that is still too many unemployed people, it is relatively less then many other major cities across the country. I want to hammer this home yet again: Cleveland is doing relatively well.

Out of the top 50 cities in the country with 1 million or more people, Cleveland ranks 14th for employment. We’re doing better then cities such as Cincinnati (9.2%), San Fransisco (10.1%), Miami(11.3%) and Detroit (14.1%).

Its an under reported story that many Clevelanders have a hard time hearing. But the stats don’t lie, the Cleveland economy is no longer one of the worst in the country.

And look at all the positive jobs news like Cleveland being #1 in tech job growth and all the Cleveland casino jobs coming to town.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics