Tribe Bands Together

justin-masterson-jack-hannahanIf you haven’t read it yet, check out this great reporting on the Indians at Yahoo! Sports

Its the kind of story there needs to be more of.   Too much sports reporting is about pumped up controversy and conflict.    If you don’t have time for the full article, here’s a quick rundown:

Indians third basemen Jack Hannahan found out while on the road in Boston that is wife was going into labor – months ahead of schedule.   While every husband wants to be there for the birth of their child, being there for what is also a medical emergency is even more important.   There were no flights out of Boston until the morning, likely too late to be there on time.   The only flight available was a private plane – with a cost of $35,000.   Hannahan is a pro sports player, but a fringe one.  He makes good money for now, but may not next year.  $35,000 was just too much for him to pay.

Justin Masterson – Indians pitcher – came over and asked what was going, and when he found out Jack wasn’t going to book the flight, Masterson insisted that he did.   Justin then went to the rest of their teammates and collected $35,ooo to pay for the flight.  Jack booked it and got home just in time to see his tiny, 2lb son be born.

Pro sports is full of ego maniacs that are hard to root for.   And Cleveland sports has been anything but positive over the past 40 years.   But this Indians team is something different.   There has been no shortage of talk about what a good clubhouse they have, and what high quality people they are.   This story is not a standalone event.   Its not often you get to root for genuine good guys, better do it while you have the chance.