Significant Decline in Crime Rate

So what happens when you lay of a large number of police officers in a city marred by crime?   Well how about a 40% decline in homicides?  In what are fairly shocking, stark statistics, the Cleveland Police Department is reporting a dramatic drop in crime rates throughout the city, over the 5 year period since 2006.

Homicide is down 40%, vehicle theft down 46%, robbery down 26%.

These are incredible numbers, and if they were increases instead of decreases, you’d never hear the end of them.   But as it is, the streets of Cleveland are far safer today then they were just 5 years ago.   More sophisticated policing technology is partly responsible for the drop, as the Police Department has more detailed crime statistics, allowing them to deploy their officers where the chance of crime is the  highest.   There has also been more attention to “quality of life” crimes.     The theory is by focusing on thing such as loud music, open containers and littering,  more violent crimes are discouraged.

Hopefully this trend will continue.   The city proper of Cleveland is not going to see an increase in population if it has a high crime rate.    When people feel safe, they will be much more likely to move back from the suburbs.

Source:  Plain Dealer Blog