Kent Displays Adds 40 New Jobs

Have you seen one of Kent Displays new Boogie Boards?   Marketed as an LCD writing tablet, the Boogie Board is essentially a high tech electronic dry erase board for the 21st century.   The tablet is pressure sensitive, allowing you to write on it with an inkless stylus that comes with the Boogie Board.  But what really makes it high tech is the button that erases your work without wiping.  One touch sends an electric signal through the tablet erasing any writing on it.   I have one by my desk, and the common first time reaction to the erase feature is “wow”.

The high tech display is designed and manufactured here in the Cleveland area, even though final assembly of the Boogie Board itself is done in China.   The product has been so successful, Kent displays is adding an additional 40 local jobs to make the guts of the Boogie Board as well as to market it.  The Boogie Board is a little expensive, but it adds a high tech feel to a desk or the front of a fridge, and you’re supporting a company that is adding jobs in Cleveland.

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