Christmas Ale @ Burning River Fest

What’s better then a warm summer night on Lake Erie, with live music, local food, a great view of the setting sun and an illuminated downtown skyline?   Well how about doing it with an ice cold Christmas Ale in your hand.   Its almost time for Burning River Fest, the big, lake front party put on by Great Lakes Brewing Company.

Great Lakes brews a special batch of their famous Christmas Ale just for this event.   Whatever they have left they put on tap at the brewpub.   While some other local bars sell Christmas Ale during July, they are actually selling 6 month old beer they’ve kept in the cooler, past its expiration date.   The Burning River Fest is the only place you can get fresh brewed Christmas Ale in July, and maybe the brewpub if there is any left over.

But Christmas Ale isn’t the only reason to head down to the Burning River Fest.   Lake Erie is beautiful in the summer, and too few Clevelanders really get to appreciate it.  Great Lakes Brewing  is giving you a great reason to hang out next to the Lake and take in the beautiful views.   They’re really trying to make it worth your while too, by featuring 30 bands on 3 different stages.    Food from local restuarants will be on hand, and Great Lakes will be serving up a fish fry.    There will also be environmental displays, marking the dramatic turnaround the Cuyahoga River has made.

The festival takes place on Whiskey Island at the Coast Guard station,  Saturday July 23rd, 6-11 and Sunday July 24th, 1-6.    Park at Edgewater park, there will be a shuttle to take you to Burning River Fest.   Tickets are $8 online, or $10 at the gate.