Wonder Bar on East 4th

Wonder Bar sits in the heart of the rejuvenated East 4th Street. If you haven’t been to East 4th, snag this coupon and use it as an excuse to get out and check out one of the coolest locations in Cleveland

Wonder Bar features live music starting at 9pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday.   Thursdays are live Reggae, Fridays are live Blues and Saturdays are live Jazz.    Wonder bar is a great place to catch a meal and a drink, or two, before a tribe game, a concert at House of Blues or soon a night out at the new Casino.  It has a fun, unique atmosphere that is a bit sophisticated without being stuffy.   The drinks are good, the food is unique and not too pricey.   You can get a tasty pulled pork sandwich on Hawaiian bread for $12.   I’d go for the Chicken Paprikash for $16.   They have a huge selection of beers and plenty of appetizers as well.