Large Local Employers Added Jobs Last Year

Crain’s has released their annual list of the largest employers in Northeast Ohio.   Buried within is some good news for the region – many large employers had double digit increases in employment last year helping to keep the Cleveland area unemployment rate below the national average.    JP Morgan chase added 550 jobs, and GM added 1,475.     The two combined added 2,000 jobs, which didn’t produce many headlines.   If the two had cut 2,000 jobs it would be the lead story on every news program.

Other companies in the area also went on a hiring binge last year – InfoCision up 28%, Timkin up 27%, Ernst & Young up 22%, Safeguard Properties up 23% and Hyland Software up 23%.

Tops again on the list as the largest employer in Cleveland is the Cleveland Clinic, with 34,000 full time local workers – which is a decent size crowd at the Jake on a Friday.    These aren’t minimum wage jobs either.   Health care jobs pay well, come with good benefits and attract talent to the region.   University Hospitals is also on the list with 13,726 employees.   Combined the 2 hospital systems employ nearly 50,000 people throughout the Cleveland area.

Giant Eagle is surprisingly the 4th largest employer in Cleveland with 10,311 workers, and Progressive Insurance checks in at No.5 on the list with 8,612 – also many very good paying jobs that attract workers to the Cleveland area.    And little known Group Management Services in Richfield employs 7,242 people.    State and local governments rounded out the rest of the list.

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