Bearden’s to Reopen

Relax Cleveland.   You can still get peanut butter on your favorite hamburger.

Bearden’s, the Rocky River icon, will be reopening in September 2011.     The plan is to retain most of the menu items but to make major improvements to the physical restaurant and maybe even to add a patio.   This is thanks to an investor, Jim Griffiths, who will be taking over the space.

Joe Orange, the long time owner of Bearden’s had closed the restaurant after major construction on Lake Rd decimated his business.    A sewer upgrade has closed off part of Lake Rd since 2010.   The problem is that traffic has been 1-way only, diverting thousands of cars away from the area.   Great local businesses such as  Bearden’s, Cravings, Danny Boys and many other shops have seen their business decline as much as 50% as their customers are rerouted away.  Construction seems to have taken a  long time, especially for a street home to business and used by commuters everyday.

And if you haven’t had peanut butter on a hamburger, it is much better then it sounds.   Get to Bearden’s this fall and try one.