Avengers Movie Being Filmed in Cleveland

A Hollywood blockbuster will be filming in the Cleveland area starting in August and continuing through the fall.   Filming for The Avengers will be blocking off downtown streets, taking over NASA facilities, bringing big name celebrities to town and perhaps most importantly be providing lots of jobs.

The Avengers, like other movies being filmed in Cleveland, was enticed to shoot here with the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive.   In exchange for the tax credit, production companies will be hiring local crew, hundreds of extras, security companies and using hotels and restaurants as well as other local services.

Cleveland was selected over other Ohio cities in part because they were looking for streets that could pass as being in NYC.    Filming for The Avengers will shut down East Ninth between Prospect and Euclid for most of the month of August.   The stretch has a New York City feel to it the producers wanted.    While it will be exciting to see the film crews, special effects and celebrities downtown, expect there to be some traffic problems.   There will be additional street closings throughout the downtown area throughout August.

The Avengers movie being filmed in Cleveland is starring Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Scarlett Johannson as the Black Widow and Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury.   Thousands showed up for a chance to work with the stars at a local casting call in July.   The Avengers will be using hundreds of Clevelanders for extras in the film.    While the pay isn’t great, this is a great opportunity for unemployed or underemployed people to make some extra money in August, and have a great time doing it.

Filming The Avengers in Cleveland is going to bring some jobs and money into town, but its also going to bring some excitement and creativity.   Whether or not the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive will translate into a real film industry in Cleveland is still yet to be seen, but its is definitely providing some buzz and excitement that this town needs.

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