Ford Brook Park Engine Plant Humming



Ford’s Cleveland Engine Plant No.1 has plenty of work to do, reports the Plain Dealer.    The Brook Park plant produces Ford’s new EcoBoost engine.    The new engine has proven so popular workers there are taking only half the usual 2 week summer vacation, in order to stay up with demand.    The two full shifts at the plant employ 869 workers and have been averaging 50 hours a week, with hope of a third shift being added.   These are good, high paying  jobs.    The Ford plant is not alone in increased production.   Manufacturing has been hiring in the Cleveland area, one of the reasons why the Cleveland Area’s unemployment rate has remained below the national average.


The EcoBoost engine uses fuel injection and turbocharging to produce a V-8 performance out of a V-6 engine.  The result is higher fuel mileage on Ford trucks without giving up power.