Cleveland Zoo’s Elephant Exhibit a Huge Hit

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo set a all-time attendance record on Monday, June 13.   24, 976 people, the most ever in a single day, showed up to see the new African Elephant exhibit.    If you haven’t been to the Cleveland zoo lately, they invested $25 million in a much needed update to the pachyderm section.   The new attraction is beautiful and allows you much closer looks at African elephants, including a giant bull.   The outdoor part of the exhibit features a “crossing” section in which large gates close in order to let the elephants cross directly in front of the guests, as well as a meerkat exhibit.  Inside the building, you get a close up look at the elephants in their new training facility, as well as a view of the very gross naked mole rats.


The new African Elephant exhibit goes above and beyond a typical zoo attraction.  It was well planned and it is evident they spent a lot of money on it.   It is adjacent to the excellent and interactive Australian Adventure, and after a tour of both attractions, and along with the wonderful Rainforest exhibit it is clear the Cleveland zoo’s is rising far above being just a local attraction, and is becoming a regional draw.


Video of elephants swimming in their new home at the Cleveland zoo: